06 / 11 / 21


Mastiii Zone: Gaming and Gifting Shall Go Together This Bhai Dooj

What makes the roller-coaster-like relationship between siblings special, is undoubtedly a deep and loving bond of love. This Bhai Dooj, we invite you to celebrate this unbreakable bond you share with your sister and brother, at Mastiii Zone. Afterall, the sister who relays all your mischiefs to your parents is also your biggest supporter and the firmest shoulder to lean on in times of distress. Like all other relationships, this one also has its ups and downs but eventually, the KitKat break comes when you have a third battle to fight, Mastiii Zone offers some of the most interesting games that will let you cherish the most enduring and unique relationship. 


Illuminate the 5-day long "festival of light", even more for your sister by gifting her a VR ride to a parallel world, yes something she couldn't even guess! If you wish to pair up as a dynamic duo, make sure you are incredibly close, closer than your best buddy to take all the trophies home. If you're a 'Mystery-Gift' enthusiast, you can push her in the 'Horror House', she's bound to feel dressed like a protagonist, you have our word! 


In case you wish to visit with your siblings' clan, the deals at our Gamezone situated in The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida, could not get any better. Grab your hood and get straight into goovin' with azure arcades and catchy classics. You can chill the heat up with the adjacent Snow Park adventures, the DJ at our Snow World could be ruled with your A-team as you combine your GameZone scores! Challenge your little ones and keep them motivated as they relish the festive theme, explore a variety of modes, and win prizes. Redemption Games are indeed a delight! 


The brightly colored calendar month will be incomplete without some 'Grand-Stars', what do you think? We are certain you'll have a good time collecting coins, switching landscapes, rallying, racing, and bumping at Mastiii Zone, but the spotlight indoor adventure rides: 'Zipline' and 'Trampoline' could still not be missed. Afterall, these are the flavored courses for your special day! After your little sister has successfully explored the depths of dungeons and the dark of the woods, take her to the Zipline showdown to lift her world higher, making it brighter on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. 


Lastly, don't forget to tell us how did you enjoy your Bhai Dooj weekend at Mastiii Zone and Snow Mastiii, via your social media handles - we're all eyes and ears! 


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